Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girly Cupcakes - Naomi's 7 yrs old Bday

Naomi turns 7 & initially I wanted to make a bag cake for her. Her mum asked for 7 cupcakes instead signifying her age.
I wasn't sure of the idea but it came last minute : girly stuffs.

Some tops

Some bags

A pair of boots

Some pairs of bikinis

Some skirts

A cute little girl carrying roses

Some bananas & strawberries encircling number 7

Happy birthday Naomi. Glad you eat all the cupcakes as well as the toppers. Wow! Getting sweeter :p

Noah's Ark - Callista's 2 yrs old bday

I made this cake for Callista's Birthday. Still related to her Animal Cupcakes, I use the same animals for Noah's Ark.

This is the view from the side ( look at that monkey's head popping out from the roof :D )

View from the top

View from the back

Waves effect...

Happy birthday girl. You look so pretty !

Animal Cupcakes - Callista's 2 yrs old bday

Callista likes animals & these cupcakes made for her friends in Childcare. I made 6 animals :







This is the side look of lion & pig, since they have long shape.