Monday, August 24, 2009

Mark & Tasia's 2 years Wedding Anniv

Tue, 18th August 2009 was our wedding anniversary. I just had a sudden idea to celebrate it in a simple way yet sweet & blesses others.

So, I made these cupcakes for Sunday evening service. There were only about 50s cupcakes so not everyone could taste it. The kids...well...they had queued for a while...

They were GONE in few minutes after the service finished.

The picture above showing the figurines made for this event.

The figurines were made on Friday. The cupcakes were made on Saturday & the mock icing was made on Sunday morning. Long hours...

By the way, the cupcakes themselves were White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes. How fortunate my hubby was, he is a white choc lover!!

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