Monday, August 4, 2008

Lemon Meringue

(25.5 cm diameter)

Everybody loves Lemon Meringue. The delicious thing about this is the lemon filling. It's so lemony...My husband can finish the whole cake :D !!

It is believed that the meringue was invented by a Swiss pastry-cook called Gasparini in 1720. It quickly became a favourite of the French court & Marie Antoinette was apparently so fond of it that she used to make it with her own regal hands!

I like to play with the meringue itself. You can make the topping like that style or just use knife to make it swirly & pointy.

I also make it in different shape like these pictures below. It's more personalised, cuter and just enough for a single serve.

(6 cm diameter)

(10 cm diameter)

(inside of lemon meringue before topped)

The big round-shape is 25.5 cm diameter & 3 cm base-height. Serves 6-8.
The single serve is 6 cm diameter & 2.5 cm base-height. Serves 18.
Another single serve is 10 cm diameter & 2 cm base-height. Serves 10.

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