Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweetheart Brownie - Arnya Bday Hearty Cake

My niece's name is Arnya Cait. Her actual birthday is on 13 August but parents decided to celebrate early on 9 August 2008. She's 2 years old this year & I decided to make special cake for her.

Honestly, this is my 2nd time making icing cake. It took me about 4 hours plus the overnight drying including the baking itself to make this cake. I'm glad that people appreciate my work especially Arnya who kept saying "It's mine!!It's mine!!" (due to her picture on the cake. What a smart girl). All other small girls wanted to touch the cake but Arnya really kept an eye on her hearty cake :D

Arnya with dad & mom

Her birthday cake (which her parents bought from a shop) is big enough to feed more than 20 people. It's 3-layered sponge cake.

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