Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nastar Nanas/Pineapple Cookies/Ananaskoekjes

Hmm...this is one of my favourite cookies from Indonesia. My mum likes to bake them. Even my hubby likes it.
This cookie comes from the Netherland. It's called Ananaskoekjes in Dutch, which means pineapple cookies.
In Indonesia this kind of cookie is very famous. Like Kastengel, Jan Hagel, people like to buy Ananaskoekjes for Idul Fitri, Christmas, and Chinese New Year.

Inside this cookie you will find pineapple filling. The best taste isn't pineapple jam that you can buy from the supermarket, but from pure pineapple that you make yourself, preservatives-free jam.

You can shape it according to your style. The first shape that I make uses special mini mould, which takes more effort & time consuming. The round one is easier & faster.

1 recipe makes 500 g.

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