Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brownis Kukus/Steam Brownie

Hm...brownies...who doesn't like it? This brownie is different, though. It's steamed, not baked. Very popular cake from Bandung, Indonesia. Amanda is the brand & people are so crazy about that particular brand. You even find that many people buy & resell in other cities than Bandung.

Anyway,...I have made this brownie for many times but I don't really have nice pictures of it. So, Aunty Leony from church places an order & I decided to make my own too (for my hubby, he loves it).

It comes in square size (24 x 24 cm baking tin). Best to eat when chilled in the fridge. It can last up to 7-8 days <hopefully, because once you taste it, you may finish it within a day itself :D> & has to be covered so that you don't lose that moist taste.


PangTama said...

Duhh jd ngiler..blm makan siang lg T_T...

Anastasia Duchesne said...

Haha...rajin Fang visit web gue nih..